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My fascination with  music started at an early age.  I was only 12 when I  began carrying heavy crates of vinyl to private party’s in Mexico City and eventually learning the craft of a DJ. At 14 I got my first gig at a recording studio  where I got an early look at some of the basics in production. In 1986 I  had the  opportunity to spend a year in the USA. Seattle would become my home and the place where I  continued to polish my craft in private events. It wasn’t until the following year when I got my first gig at  a club in upstate New York .

I subsequently made it to college where I got to play in several spots in New York and Daytona beach during the unforgettable spring break seasons. During this time , House music was really beginning to take over the scene and the winter music conference, back then held in NYC, was rapidly gaining popularity.To me this was the birth of EDM.

By 1990 I had returned to Mexico City where I held residency at a couple hot spots in Puebla , subsequently having several guest appearances various clubs in Mexico City. Unfortunately at this time Deejays did not make enough money for me to consider sticking to it , and that was my first bad decision in life.

Still with the music bug in me, in 1994 I founded Mix Club in Mexico City. An incredibly well equipped home based studio. Dj’s from all backgrounds were allowed to use the facility free of charge in exchange for time teaching up and coming talent, making Mix Club , one of the first Dj schools in Latin America. Subsequently,  in 1996 Mix Club Became DMC Mexico .

It was this same year where I got my feet wet as a part owner of Club Carcassona and eventually partnering with a group of socialites from Monterrey with whom I had very successful clubs like La Orden and Don Quintin. In 1998 founded Zumorecords a purely Vinyl Store in the heart of Monterrey , today the site is one of the most influential sites for up and coming talent in Mexico.  

By 2000, I returned to the USA  and chose to settle down in Houston, this has been my home since. Looking to bring some of the qualities of the Mexican nightlife scene, my partners and I opened up a state of the art 10,000 sq foot club in the heart of Houston in 2006.

Like many of you chose to continue with the family business and have been in steel trading ever since…  ADP Sessions began in the spring of 2012 with Renaissance, the sessions began in an effort  to keep my friends and family in touch with new music but  most importantly to help fill the void of not having EDM as my craft. Each of the sessions mark a specific stage in my life and all of the songs in it are carefully chosen for that purpose.  


Trust you will enjoy the ride!

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